Victoria Kelsey

Victoria Kelsey Fine Artist

I’m a Fine Artist, Illustrator and Designer living in Vancouver. I’m represented by Art Works in Vancouver and Granville Island Gallery

I’ve lived in Vancouver for most of my life and always enjoyed the outdoors. I love road trips and I take a lot of photographs along with sketching to take home for new ideas.  I love painting subject matter that evokes all the senses of being outdoors. For me clouds and lighting bring a sense of the atmosphere to the location I’m painting, showing movement in waves, plants and trees evoke sounds. I try to capture how it felt to me at the time.

My Still Life work is a different kind of exploration. I really enjoy looking closely at smaller objects whether its a shell on the beach or blowing up a piece of fruit, you discover there’s a small landscape there too with rhythms, patterns and forms that are just as interesting.

To me Art is enjoying that close exploration and the pleasure of discovering beauty in what seems to be no more than random accidents of nature.